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Calais – Humanitarian Crisis

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The weather has turned in the last few days – by day the winds are chilling and by night the first frosts creep in. In Calais, since the camps nicknamed the ‘Jungle’ have been destroyed, large numbers of those waiting to seek asylum in the UK are being forced to sleep on the streets, without shelter or blankets. Finding this far beyond the realms of reason, groups from Bristol are gathering blankets, warm clothes and other essentials to respond to this urgent humanitarian crisis.

Jungle - Destroyed


Children as young as ten are sleeping under bridges. If found taking shelter or sleeping out, peoples’ few possessions are removed, their blankets sprayed with chemicals and their temporary refuges destroyed or evicted. These are people from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Eritrea and other zones of conflict, whose situation the UK and other western governments have been instrumental in worsening. French immigration policy, voiced by minister Eric Besson, has chosen however to ignore its complicity in these broader issues, calling (like the UK Border Agency) for stricter border controls and the use of state power to break up any signs of their existence.


We don’t think that this is acceptable. Thousands of people attempting to move across Europe to seek asylum or a new life are stranded as a result. The associations and charities of Calais cannot cope with such a humanitarian catastrophe, and as an act of solidarity we would like to collectively respond by transporting aid there from Bristol. If you would like to join us in expressing your indignation or support, please help us collect for the two ‘convoys’ which will leave Bristol on November the 6th and November the 26th.


We welcome:
sleeping bags
warm clothes (especially winter jackets and waterproofs)
rocket stoves , camping gas stoves
mens shoes

Collection points until 26th November will be:

* the Welcome Centre drop-in, Newton Street, Easton: Wednesdays 10.00 – 12.00 and Thursdays 10.00 – 16.00
* Kebele Social Centre, Robertson Rd, Easton: Saturday 11:00 – 14:00 and Sunday 18:00 – 21:00

Thank you.

* If you would prefer to give a donation then please make cheques payable to Bristol No Borders, c/o Kebele, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6HB or make a bank transfer to Sort code 089299, Account number 65330812, quoting reference 51771 to ensure it comes to the right account. THANKS

New Calais Zine and Blog: Out Now !

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An excellent new Zine about the fucking awful situation in Calais and the resistance to the repression can be found here: calais-94 or here

passp1Extract :

Rasheed. This is the second time Rasheed has tried to move to England, his account makes sobering reading, yet despite this, he continues to smile, happy to talk about his experiences, in the hope that it will improve life for others. Eight hours after I did this interview I watched as the CRS arrested Rasheed for a second day in a row under the bridges. He was released after a couple of hours, a lucky escape as today the first charter flight containing 40 Afghans in the joint operation between UK and France has left from Paris, despite protests from many groups…

“In 2003 I went to England from my home of Afghanistan. I lived in Portsmouth for three and a half years, and then I was deported to Azerbaijan and then Kabul. I left after 4 months to begin my journey back to England. I went to Pakistan, then Iran, through Turkey then Greece. I spent one and a half years in Patras; it is very difficult to cross there with the navy. Then I made it to Albania, but then I was taken back to Greece. I left again, to Macedonia, then Serbia. I spent two and a half months in prison in Serbia. Then I went to Hungary and Austria but on the Swiss border I was caught and spent 1 month in detention there. I went back to Austria and spent another month and a half in a detention centre in Salzburg. I went to Hungary, then back to Austria, then Italy, and finally France. I have been in Calais for 10 days. I want to go back to England because everywhere else there is trouble. ‘Asylum’ in Italy and France means nothing; you have no shelter, no work. In Calais I am arrested all the time, and then released after 1-2 hours. This morning I was arrested.I am afraid to return to Afghanistan.


The Taliban and America are at battle. If you work with the Taliban, America says you are Al Qaida. If you work with America, the
Taliban say why, you are Muslim? America has some control in Kabul, but in the provinces the Taliban rule. It is very dangerous, at night time the Taliban come. They rule the border with Pakistan, where drug smugglers rule. This is 1,400 kilometres long. If I go back I am in danger. The Taliban sent me a letter before I left accusing me of working with America because I wouldn’t help them. In my province there are many CID (Criminal Intelligence Department) agents, everyone hears your words. They come at night. There is no work for me. I am an artist, a designer, but I cannot work in Kabul. I have spent 2 years travelling now, my mind isn’t working anymore. I have lost all my family; I spent all my money trying to get to England, so if I am deported I am in trouble. I like no borders because it means no detention, no deportation, no finger prints.”

Calais info and film night – 20th August

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Info sharing night on the situation of migrants
and resistance to the border regime in Calais.
20th August at 19.30 at the Emporium, 37 Stokes Croft, Bristol.

In Calais, France just 20 miles from this island, around 1500 people live in makeshift refugee camps known as “the jungle”, they are there because of the UK border regime.

“The jungles” and squats around Calais are self organised communities that have existed since the closure of Sangatte, the official refugee camp, in 2002.

The residents of these camps face brutal daily gas and baton attacks by the police. At the request of the UK Border Agency, the French government has pledged to destroy “the jungle” by Christmas.

People from Bristol “with papers” went to the No Border solidarity camp in June and have been involved in ongoing monitoring and drawing attention to the humanitarian crisis that has been created in Calais. Solidarity demonstrations and direct actions have taken place in both Bristol, Calais and elsewhere.

Bristol NoBorders is working closely with both humanitarian and political groups and invites you to help create an effective transnational resistance.

You are invited to a film and experience sharing night
20th August at 19.30 at the Emporium, 37 Stokes Croft, Bristol.

Europe to be “cleansed” of Sans Papiers?

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With the burning and clearing of the main migrant camp in Patras, Greece (see article below) it seems there is a Europe-Wide attack on those without the luck to have a EU-Passport.On Tuseday next week the make-shifts camp whoch the migrants have built in calais are to be destroyed.There are plans for mass- deportation flights to follow. Activists are travelling to Calais to witness, and to try to intervene in Calais as we speak. However, the situation is desperate and we call on all those who can’t make it to call the numbers below. Green MEP’s statement condemming the actions of the authorities

URGENT CALL OUT for activists, legal observers, journalists and video activists to support migrants in Calais against imminent police attack and deportation!

The French immigration minister, Mr.Besson has officially  announced that plans for the destruction of the refugee camps in Calais and the subsequent deportation of refugees will take place this week between the 20th and 25th of July.
There is an urgent need for people to go to Calais to protest against the clearances as well as to act as legal & human rights observers as police begin destroying the camps and attempting to remove people.

Please act now in any of the following ways:

To go to Calais for direct solidarity this week:
http:// calaismigrantsolidarity. out-for-cameras-video- activist-and-legal-observers- in-calais/

For phone and email blockades of the French Embassy in London;
Phil Woolas, UK Immigration Minister; the French Interior Ministry. All contacts at the end of this message at http:// calaismigrantsolidarity.

To lobby your MEP:
http:// calaismigrantsolidarity. council-directives-of-use-to- lobby-meps/

http:// calaismigrantsolidarity. model-letter-for-mps/

To join in protests in London:
http:// calaismigrantsolidarity. protest-against-destruction- of-calais-jungles/

For an Open statement about Calais situation to all concerned, to be sent to NGO’s, human rights organizations, Trade Unions, anyone else you can think of:
http:// calaismigrantsolidarity. witnesses/

For helping with direct solidarity in August:
http:// calaismigrantsolidarity. solidarity-not-charity/

French Embassy in London

French Ambassador, Maurice Gourdault-Montagne

From UK 0207 073 1000

Non-UK 44 207 073 1000

58 Knightsbridge, London, SW1 X7J

or ask for police attache Msr Eric Battesti, representative of French poilce in UK working with UK police and immigration

French consulate in London

Tel 0207 073 1200

fax number 0207 073 1201

21 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2EN

Phil Woolas, Immigration Minister

Constituency address: 11 Church Lane, Oldham, OL1 3AN
Telephone from UK 0161 624 4248
Non-UK 44161 624 4248

Honorary UK Consul in Calais

Telephone from UK 33 321 96 33 76

Fax 33 321 19 43 69

UK Consul General in Lille

Phil Boyle

Telephone from UK 33 320 12 82 72

Fax from UK 33 320 54 88 16

11 Square Dutilleul, 59000, Lille

French Interior Ministry

Place Beauvau 75008, Paris

Within France 01 40 07 60 60

From UK 331 40 07 60 60


– British and French governments’ plot to deport asylum seekers breaks EU
human rights law, say MEPs in letter to European Commission.

In an urgent letter to the European Commission today, UK Green MEPs
Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert have called for an immediate suspension of
plans to deport around 1,800 individuals from the so called ‘Jungl Camp’
in Calais back to Afghanistan and Iraq next week [1].

Writing to Justice, Freedom and Security Commissioner Jacques Barrot, the
Green MEPs warn that the planned action, which is being taken jointly by
the French and British authorities under the Evian Agreement, would be in
direct breach of EU and international law on human rights and refugees.

Thousands of refugees and migrants from countries such as Afghanistan,
Iraq or Somalia are currently camped outside Calais in a squalid tented
area known as ‘The Jungle’. Around a fifth of them are thought to be
children, living in desperate and dangerous conditions, where people are
forced to sleep rough with little access to sanitation or resources.

In a joint statement, Caroline Lucas MEP and Jean Lambert MEP said:

“We urge the Commission to take immediate action to prevent next week’s
deportations – and to ensure that the French authorities fulfil their
responsibilities under both EU and international law, including improving
conditions for those living in the camps at Calais.

“The threatened mass deportations ride roughshod over the European
Convention on Human Rights, the 1951 Refugee Convention and the Geneva
Convention. And given that so many of those facing expulsion are children,
the plans may also breach the terms of the Convention on the
Rights of the Child.

“The vast majority of refugees in ‘The Jungle’ have had no contact
whatsoever with official authorities since entering the EU. We are deeply
concerned that there is a risk of deportation before these individuals
have been interviewed in order to determine whether they are seeking
asylum and are, therefore, protected by EU asylum law.”

Caroline Lucas MEP commented:

“Many migrants into France and the UK are fleeing from the consequences of
the West’s foreign policy mistakes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Given this
reality, you might imagine these governments would take their
responsibilities to the international community more seriously.

“It is unacceptable that vulnerable people from some of the most troubled
countries in the world be treated so inhumanely on European soil. Many
residents in the camps are genuine asylum-seekers and not illegal
immigrants. It is important that those people fleeing persecution and war
have free access to the correct information so that they know they can
make a genuine claim for asylum.

“At present, these individuals are at the mercy of ruthless traffickers
who make impossible promises for significant profit. The presence of
hundreds of children in the makeshift refugee camps is particularly
distressing. Yet the French authorities would rather pretend they did not

Jean Lambert MEP said:

“The situation at Calais is a mess and short-term solutions won’t work. At
the very minimum, we must provide dignity and health care to those in
need, creating the space to look at more long term solutions. These
solutions must be anchored in human rights and respect for international


Notes to Editors

A previous attempt at a mass deportation was overruled by the European
Court of Human Rights on the grounds that the operation would contravene
the European Declaration on Human Rights, as well as the trilateral
agreement signed in 2002 by UNHCR with the Afghan and French governments,
which stipulates that “the return of Afghans who do not enjoy
protection… will be carried out in a gradual, ordered and humane way.

Calais: Site and Workshops Announced

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Camp Site

Defy the rise of racism ! Come to the Calais No Borders Camp 23-29 June

With deportations of migrants (SOAS), attacks on Romanians in Northern Ireland and the rise of the elected neo-fascists, we make a last call for all those who are wondering whether to come to Calais.

Workshops range from practical workshops for migrants to developing our politics and networks, as well as medical and legal workshops.

Workshop Programme

Directions and other site details

We now even have the obligatory denouncement and misrepresentation in the Daily Mail.

Calais No Borders Camp – Bristol Events

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Local Gigs, Talk, films and Breakfast

Thursday 4th June, from 7.30pm Anarchist Hip Hop frrom San Fransisco and Bristol @ The Plough, Easton, Bristol

Saturday 6th June: Calais Solidarity Breakfast@ Kebele 11.00am-2.00pm (including free arabic crash course)

Thursday 11th June: Calais Film and Info Night@ The Island, Silver Street 7.30pm

Friday 12th June: Calais Benefit Gig,: Featuring Chicken Call, Spanner & 2 Sick Monkeys@ Queens Head, Easton Rd. 8.00pm £4

CALAIS NO BORDERS CAMP 23-29 JUNE 09 link to film

The Calais border is an important focal point for the struggle between those who would see an end to all migration into the EU and those trying to break down the barriers between peoples, the borders that prevent the freedom of movement for all, not just the privileged few. The Calais No Border camp is an exciting joint venture between French activists and migrant support groups and the UK No Borders Network.

It aims to highlight the realities of the situation in Calais and Northern France; to build links with the migrant communities; to help build links between migrants support groups; and lastly, but not least, to challenge the authorities on the ground, to protest against increased repression of migrants and local activists alike. This camp is not just about Calais: we are calling for the freedom of movement for all, an end to borders and to all migration controls. We call for a radical movement against the systems of control which divide us into citizens and non-citizens, into the documented and the undocumented.

How do I Find Out More?

Come along to the Film and Info Night at The Island, Where No Borders Activists Will answer all your questions. Or e-mail

How Do I get there?

There will be transport from Bristol on the 22nd June (details to be confirmed) and there is transport from London on the 26th ( to get to the demo on the 27th).

For all queries regarding the camp and how to get there e-mail: or go to