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According to sources close to Paul Dacre, he and his entire editorial team belong to  a covern entirely made up of right- wing reactionary journalists –  as well as dancing naked, taking part in orgies, many combine their religion withanother favourite pass-time: dressing up in Nazi Uniforms and goosestepping around the fire.


Paul Dacre, Editor of Daily Mail



Actually, while plausible, the above paragraph is (would you belive !) totally untrue. But why should that bother us, when the Daily Mail continue to fabricate stories about the Migrants currently living in Calais?

It seem that the Daily Mail’s claim (21st July) that “Migrants in Calais take the British ambush with a knife in a terrifying flight on the highway” has no basis in fact according to the French police, or indeed the French right-wing paper Nord Littoral(  Again, according Le Flic no advice was issued to tourists  “…urging motorists to keep their windows and their doors closed until  they are safe at ferry terminal”.

Complaints can be made to:

Calais: Site and Workshops Announced

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Camp Site

Defy the rise of racism ! Come to the Calais No Borders Camp 23-29 June

With deportations of migrants (SOAS), attacks on Romanians in Northern Ireland and the rise of the elected neo-fascists, we make a last call for all those who are wondering whether to come to Calais.

Workshops range from practical workshops for migrants to developing our politics and networks, as well as medical and legal workshops.

Workshop Programme

Directions and other site details

We now even have the obligatory denouncement and misrepresentation in the Daily Mail.