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Bruxelles No Border Camp – Action Round Up

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(Translated from the French by the Internet)

The camp-in-a-train-station

No Border Camp has been the subject of fierce repression, preventing the majority of public actions (such as demonstrations on Wednesday and Friday, and the “game-action” on Thursday) and many others. Despite this repression and violence in police stations, a number of actions have taken place. This is an attempt to list … To be completed?

 No Border Camp has been the subject of fierce repression, preventing the majority of public actions (such as demonstrations on Wednesday and Friday, and the “game-action” on Thursday) and many others. Despite this repression and violence in police stations, a number of actions have taken place. This is an attempt to list … To be completed?

Police Station Windows Smashed

Cons STIB (Brussels transport company, participates in roundups of undocumented immigrants): Machines to control and sell the tickets were destroyed in three subway stations ( Other inspection machines were damaged in the trams.

Several buildings of companie involved in the deportation machine were tagged and had their windows broken: CarlsonWagonLit and Randstatd (, Serco (, Sodexho ( 236), Steria (, Dalkia (

A meeting of Frontex was blocked by activists before they are arrested, the building has tagged ETEA (

Action against Frontex has also held in Brussels Airport ( ”

A police station was attacked, broken windows, two policemen and damaged several of their cars endomagées (

” The facade of the Embassy of Italy was covered with shit and graffiti to protest against the deportation of Italian politics of Roma and cons recent agreements with Libya on immigration ( articles/196).

 A symbolic action took place against the offices of BP’s lobbying in Brussels ( ”

 Sodexho, providing food in many prisons and detention camps, received a visit from a group of people who poured 40 liters of oil into the lobby (http://bxl.indymedia. org/articles/180). ”

The building of the Cultural Attache of southern Germany has been “redecorate” in protestagainst the repression of a demonstration Thursday in Stuttgart cons S21 ( ”

A recruitment session of the Brussels police has been disrupted by several activists, by those who had been arrested on Wednedsay. ( ”

The doors of the IOM (International Organisation for Migration) were blocked with glue ( ”

On Saturday, October 2, the demo Closing No Border Camp brought together nearly 1,500 participants on arrival at the Bourse ( ” “Actions of conversation” were held throughout the week with people from different districts of Brussels. Numerous meetings were held on the camp in the streets and in cells. A lot of visitors now know the city … and police. Projects have been outlined. It only depends on us not to leave all these meetings and common desires disappear …

Bristol No Borders Update: 29/03/10

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First of all, a belated shout out to the UWE students who self-organised a benefit gig for Calais, and who made a trip there to distribute the blankets, shoes and other stuff they collected. It seems the French Authorities gave you a hard time…We hope that doesn’t put you off. The situation in Calais can be followed here.

Following the hunger strike at Yarls Wood, we now hear that three Doctors who worked for  Serco (who run the immigration prison) have been reported to the GMC. This is after “complaints over numerous alleged cases of substandard patient care”. Clearly, this represents a conflict of interests, as even a Tory MP was forced admit: “If there is an issue over fitness to travel and the decision is made by a contracted company inside Yarl’s Wood, what chance is there of having confidence that it has not been influenced by the contract given to the contractors to get people out of the country?” This comes in addition to the Chief Inspectors of Prisons report which concluded that: “children were held at the Bedfordshire centre unnecessarily, with little consideration for their welfare”.

Phil Woolas, the weasly Immigration Minister responded that locking the entire family up (rather than splitting them up) was an humanitarian gesture. However, since the Prison Inspectors report  also found that “force  was being used to split or keep families apart before deportation”, including pregnant women and children, this rather undermines Phil’s claim that  the UK detention estate is a an example of  Human Rights ‘good practice’. An analysis of the kind of debate we can expect on immigration in the run up to the election can be found here

Another dangerous prisoner leaves Yarls Wood

Meanwhile, London No Borders disrupted, and gave an alternative, and cogent presentation at Capita’s Conference “Policing the Borders” in London. Watch the excellent film here. Earlier in the week, it was reported on UK Indymedia that one of Sodexho’s outlets had been targeted.

A full call out has now been issued for the Brussels No Borders Camp 27th of September till 3rd of October 2010.

Yarl’s Wood Hunger Strike Continues – Interview with Striker

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Yesterday Meg Hiller from the Home office wrote a letter to all MP’s:

“The current misreporting, based on inaccurate and fabricated statements
by those who campaign against our policy, is irresponsible as it causes
unnecessary distress to the women at Yarl’s Wood, their family and friends
and those who work at the Centre to ensure the detainees are treated with

So stop it, you are embarrassing the government!

No Borders Global Round Up: Haiti, Calais, Italy, Switzerland, London…

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As the dubious motives of the U.S. led aid effort in Haiti are revealed, it’s become clear that the issue of “security” and “migration management” are much higher up the agenda than any humanitarian motive. : the U.S. has stated it will accept no Haitian refugees, and a Naval Blockade, including an Air Craft Carrier has been set up to stop fleeing Haitian’s reaching the coast of Florida, where , just in case any do make it immigration authorities have cleared space in a 600-bed detention center in Miami, and the naval base at Guantanamo Bay is also being prepared to hold those who try to flee. Some may say that since the U.S. has been continuing meddling in Haiti’s affairs  for most of the 20th and 21st Centuries-  including Coups’ and support of dictators –  it should bear some extra responsibility for what happens next. It  may turn out that it does – buit in the guise of  a U.S. military-corporate invasion on the scale  not seen since Iraq. See “>Seamus Milne’s analysis for a  broader overview of the situation.

Meanwhile in
Calais: “On January 19th tents were distributed to migrants because the cold weather plan was suspended and the BCMO gymnasium closed. migrants launched a movement protest on the morning of the closure by burning a few blankets and banners, so the evening after the distribution of tents they decided to sleep next to BCMO. half an hour later fifty uniformed police riot made a line outside the camp, saying that if migrants do not leave they would destroy everything .After negotiation they agreed that migrants could leave with tents in the direction of the old jungle and they would not stop anyone and destroy any tents … migrants and activists were going to install the new camp escorted by the Police who showed us the place where they would not intervene… Yet they arrested 6 people at 2 am and came back at 7am” An urgent appeal has been issued for anyone who can to  to Calais to try to stop the authorities worst behaviour. More at:

In Rosarno, Italy at least 37 we’re  wounded,in a migrant revolt, including 18 police officers.

In one of the “worst-ever incidents” of racial unrest in Italy, the violence broke out on Thursday evening after white youths in a car fired air rifles at a group of immigrants returning from working on farms.

“Two immigrants were slightly injured by the gunfire. ‘Those guys were firing at us as if it was a fairground,’ a Moroccan identified as Kamal told La Repubblica newspaper. ‘They were laughing, I was screaming, other cars were passing by but nobody stopped.’

In Zurich, police raided and demolished an autonomously run school where undocumented migrants held language classes. The raid came as the Swiss government admitted that its harsh treatment of undocumented asylum- seekers has partly failed, and following an announcement that it is again planning a revision of federal asylum law. Several police officers, half of them in riot gear, stormed the Autonomous School Zurich (ASZ) Thursday. After chasing away the squatters and holding off protesting supporters with pepper spray, officers started confiscating teaching materials and technical utilities. The police partly demolished the single-storey building and removed its windows, leaving it uninhabitable. The ASZ had started operating at the Allenmoos School on Zurich’s outskirts last April, when activists squatted the empty building. The autonomous school operated according to do-it-yourself principles. Anyone could take, or offer, courses for free. As a result, a broad variety of training ranging from open-source computer courses to classes in solar energy fundamentals was available.

London: On Saturday 23rd January there will be two demonstrations called by London No Borders  in London. One will be at St. Pancras, where the UK (e-)border agency put up their controls in the middle of London. The second one will be at Piccadilly Circus where, while commuters, tourists and clubbers stare at the never-ending stream of commercials at ground level, they themselves are under constant observation by security and police in their cosy CCTV headquarters below ground.

Calais – Humanitarian Crisis

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The weather has turned in the last few days – by day the winds are chilling and by night the first frosts creep in. In Calais, since the camps nicknamed the ‘Jungle’ have been destroyed, large numbers of those waiting to seek asylum in the UK are being forced to sleep on the streets, without shelter or blankets. Finding this far beyond the realms of reason, groups from Bristol are gathering blankets, warm clothes and other essentials to respond to this urgent humanitarian crisis.

Jungle - Destroyed


Children as young as ten are sleeping under bridges. If found taking shelter or sleeping out, peoples’ few possessions are removed, their blankets sprayed with chemicals and their temporary refuges destroyed or evicted. These are people from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Eritrea and other zones of conflict, whose situation the UK and other western governments have been instrumental in worsening. French immigration policy, voiced by minister Eric Besson, has chosen however to ignore its complicity in these broader issues, calling (like the UK Border Agency) for stricter border controls and the use of state power to break up any signs of their existence.


We don’t think that this is acceptable. Thousands of people attempting to move across Europe to seek asylum or a new life are stranded as a result. The associations and charities of Calais cannot cope with such a humanitarian catastrophe, and as an act of solidarity we would like to collectively respond by transporting aid there from Bristol. If you would like to join us in expressing your indignation or support, please help us collect for the two ‘convoys’ which will leave Bristol on November the 6th and November the 26th.


We welcome:
sleeping bags
warm clothes (especially winter jackets and waterproofs)
rocket stoves , camping gas stoves
mens shoes

Collection points until 26th November will be:

* the Welcome Centre drop-in, Newton Street, Easton: Wednesdays 10.00 – 12.00 and Thursdays 10.00 – 16.00
* Kebele Social Centre, Robertson Rd, Easton: Saturday 11:00 – 14:00 and Sunday 18:00 – 21:00

Thank you.

* If you would prefer to give a donation then please make cheques payable to Bristol No Borders, c/o Kebele, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6HB or make a bank transfer to Sort code 089299, Account number 65330812, quoting reference 51771 to ensure it comes to the right account. THANKS

New Calais Zine and Blog: Out Now !

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An excellent new Zine about the fucking awful situation in Calais and the resistance to the repression can be found here: calais-94 or here

passp1Extract :

Rasheed. This is the second time Rasheed has tried to move to England, his account makes sobering reading, yet despite this, he continues to smile, happy to talk about his experiences, in the hope that it will improve life for others. Eight hours after I did this interview I watched as the CRS arrested Rasheed for a second day in a row under the bridges. He was released after a couple of hours, a lucky escape as today the first charter flight containing 40 Afghans in the joint operation between UK and France has left from Paris, despite protests from many groups…

“In 2003 I went to England from my home of Afghanistan. I lived in Portsmouth for three and a half years, and then I was deported to Azerbaijan and then Kabul. I left after 4 months to begin my journey back to England. I went to Pakistan, then Iran, through Turkey then Greece. I spent one and a half years in Patras; it is very difficult to cross there with the navy. Then I made it to Albania, but then I was taken back to Greece. I left again, to Macedonia, then Serbia. I spent two and a half months in prison in Serbia. Then I went to Hungary and Austria but on the Swiss border I was caught and spent 1 month in detention there. I went back to Austria and spent another month and a half in a detention centre in Salzburg. I went to Hungary, then back to Austria, then Italy, and finally France. I have been in Calais for 10 days. I want to go back to England because everywhere else there is trouble. ‘Asylum’ in Italy and France means nothing; you have no shelter, no work. In Calais I am arrested all the time, and then released after 1-2 hours. This morning I was arrested.I am afraid to return to Afghanistan.


The Taliban and America are at battle. If you work with the Taliban, America says you are Al Qaida. If you work with America, the
Taliban say why, you are Muslim? America has some control in Kabul, but in the provinces the Taliban rule. It is very dangerous, at night time the Taliban come. They rule the border with Pakistan, where drug smugglers rule. This is 1,400 kilometres long. If I go back I am in danger. The Taliban sent me a letter before I left accusing me of working with America because I wouldn’t help them. In my province there are many CID (Criminal Intelligence Department) agents, everyone hears your words. They come at night. There is no work for me. I am an artist, a designer, but I cannot work in Kabul. I have spent 2 years travelling now, my mind isn’t working anymore. I have lost all my family; I spent all my money trying to get to England, so if I am deported I am in trouble. I like no borders because it means no detention, no deportation, no finger prints.”

Athens Town Hall Occupied After Police Murder Migrant

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The banner reads: Mohammad Kamran Atif, dead from torture at the Nikaia Police Station – MURDERER


Four-hundred demonstrators marched together today, October 17, on the streets of Nikaia in a demonstration of rage for the recent assassination of 25-year old Pakistani migrant Mohammad Atif Kamran, who passed away following his torturing in the police station of Nikaia. The demonstration had been called by anarchist collectives and a local assembly of the neighboring areas.

We walked through the area’s main streets, passed by the house of the assassinated Atif and headed toward the police station. The large numbers of Riot Police (MAT) and motorcycle forces (Delta and Zita) that were “accompanying” the demonstration parading in its front, back and side streets, were highlighting the official stance of the now Socialist Ministry of Public Order (now called Ministry of Citizen Protection!): To cover up and support the torturers, assassins, the police occupation of the area in face of the appearance of the world of struggle and solidarity. After all, what happened will continue to happen: beatings, torturing and ridiculing of detainees in all police stations across the country.

During our gathering and for the largest part of the demonstration the rain was falling heavy. And yet at the point of passing in front of the police station of Nikaia it wasn’t just the rain drops. The unit protecting the police station also took a rain of stones. The orderly continuation of the demonstration and our retreat from that point was met with the combined attack by Riot Police units in both the back and side part of the demo. The people at the sides of the demo, chained up, held up against the police attacks and locals watching from the pavements and balconies were jeering and swearing at the police occupation force. Yet in-between the mist of the tear gas and the attack of the Riot Police some of us were isolated from the main demonstration and so, were detained by police.

The demonstration ended up at a specific area of Nikaia (”perivolaki”), as previously agreed. Given the police detentions, a large part of those of us gathered there occupied the Town Hall of Nikaia, to demand the immediate release of our captioned comrades. Some of us who left in their vehicles were also stopped at a nearby junction and detained, too. The exact number of the detained is unknown (even if we do know some names for sure) but is definitely a two-digit one, while some have already been charged. The new state doctrine of “democracy and an iron fist” is here in its full glory – as announced by the new minister of Polic Order himself – against all those who revolt and resist. Same as in the gathering of workers and unemployed of the shipyards of Perama on October 15 outside the Ministry of Employment. Same as in Exarcheia, occupied for days now. Same as in the charges against high school students occupying their schools. Same as in the forthcoming mobilisation of the shipyard workers of Piraeus against the selling-off of the port to the COSCO corporation, or the 1400 workers threatened with firing at the shipyards of Skaramangas, in Attica.

Police barbarity is no more than the repressive version of the state-capitalist barbarity: repression, exploitation, submission, death.

What the new political administration came to largely handle was the social dimension of the crisis of our times: the expanded disobedience and confrontation with the demands of the political and financial elites. No illusions then. There shall be no change coming from the new government. As always, after all. State terrorism continues and along with it, continues the struggle for social and individual emancipation, for a free world, without authority.