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“Migration is not a Crime” – Workshop – Sunday 15th Feb

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What is freedom of movement?

Who has it, who doesn’t?

What effect is climate change  and global recession having?

How can we take action together?

Sunday 15th Feb -2.30pm Open to all –  Free/donation

Venue:The Armada, Armada Place, Bristol

Directions: Off Stokes Croft, red brick building, round the corner
from Cafe Kino on the left.
3pm – 4.30 Workshop (Break with T and Cake)
5.00-5.45 Action Planning-Bristol Urban Convergence,September 09′
5.45-6.00 Evaluation and Close

We are involved with Bristol No Borders (working
on issues of migration and asylum) and Bristol
Rising Tide (taking action on root causes of climate
change) and are developing a new popular
education project together. Popular education
involves creative ways to learn about issues and
come up with collective plans for action. We hope
to take this to a range of groups but at this first
event we would welcome your input and feedback.
A Trapese Popular Education Collective Project

Mass Migrant Breakout! – Italy

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Some 700 immigrants broke through the gates of the centre where they were being held on the Italian island of Lampedusa, and started demonstrating in the city streets, the mayor said.

Out of about 1,300 people in the immigration prison, “about 700 immigrants in total fled this morning. It is a very tense situation,” said Lampedusa mayor, Bernardino De Rubeis.

Italy’s interior ministry put the number involved at only around 100.

“Some 100 illegal immigrants left the centre to protest, (then) returned there,” it said in a statement.

The migrants, who far outnumbered police, marched through the streets toward city hall shouting “Freedom, help us!”

Some residents also took part in the march while others applauded, a report by the ANSA news agency said.

Racist Scumbag Berlusconi told ANSA: “Everything is under control, not least because I do not see where these migrants could go.

“What’s more, the sea is rough and so their only option is to stay here,” he added.

The migrants, mostly from Africa, were protesting against the establishment of a new Centre for Identification and Expulsion (CEI) since Friday, which will enable quick repatriations of those migrants without proper documentation.

They also denounced conditions at the centre which has a capacity of only 850. Until the transfer on Friday of around 300 people, there were around 1,600 people being held there.

On Friday around half the island’s residents also protested against the new immigration centre.

The office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees on Friday expressed “mounting concern” over conditions at the existing centre.

“The centre has a capacity for only 850 people and hence cannot accommodate such high numbers,” the UNHCR said in a statement.

“The result is that hundreds of people are now sleeping outdoors under plastic sheeting and adequate reception standards cannot be maintained.”

The government says the new centre will help identify illegal immigrants and speed up their deportation.

Interior Minister Roberto Maroni announced last month that immigrants would be sent straight back to their country of origin instead of being transferred to other centres on the Italian mainland, as had been the practice.

The ministry has said 150 people have been returned to their country of origin since January 1.

Lampedusa is Italy’s southernmost island and the main arrival point for migrants coming from Africa.

The current influx began in 1996 and has steadily increased over the past two years.

Although migrants usually try to make the crossing during the spring and summer months, more and more have started to risk dangerous winter crossings.

There are no official figures for the number of people killed trying to make it to Euroepan soil but the Italian charity Fortress says at least 1,502 people died in 2008.

The interior ministry estimates that 31,700 immigrants landed on Lampedusa in 2008, a 75 percent increase on the previous year.

According to UNHCR, preliminary figures for 2008 showed that about 75 percent of those who arrived in Italy by sea last year applied for asylum.

Around 50 percent of those who applied were granted refugee status or other protection on other humanitarian grounds, it added.

No Borders Benefit @ The Plough sat 7th Feb

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No Borders Benefit @ The Plough

Saturday 7th February – 8 til late
@ The Plough (Kilburn Street, Easton)


A mixed bag of bands, dj’s and raveoke! to bid farewell, for now, to a friend of no borders.


Eirlys Rhiannon and friends – with a new album hot off the press

Kilnaboy – and their own peculiar brand of dirty, filthy, pokery folkery – always a stormer

Cosmo – it’s folk Jim, but not as we know it…

Raveoke – karaoke with a twist – featuring the finest house, rave, hip-hop, jungle and dance classics on a big screen with lyrics, bouncing ball and everything….. – you won’t be able to stop yourself singing along

Plus a delectable spread of dj’s

Donations on the door – £4/£3
(No Borders)

Brigitte & family safe (part II)

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Quick update on what happened yesterday morning (tues 13th jan): Again, with 30 plus people escorting Brigitte into trinity rd police station to make her weekly signing there was barely enough room for us all to fit in! And certainly no room for any immigration officers to take her away! The judicial review has been lodged,which should in theory protect her, and husband Bernard, and daughter Lizzie from being removed, in the short term at least.

Anti-Deportation Campaigners should be aware that the rules governing removals procedures when a Judicial review has been lodged have changing as of 30th Jan, so removals can still take place if BIA decide that no new evidence has been presented, or that the evidence could have been presented before.”

no borders newsletter jan 09

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No Borders Gathering 21-22nd February in Bristol

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The Bristol No Borders group are hosting the next network-wide No Borders Gathering, on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd February at St. Werburgh’s Community Centre here in Bristol.

The Gathering will be a chance to discuss, network and plan, and to build on the discussions held at the last network-wide gathering earlier this year in Newcastle. It’s is a collectively organised event with shared responsibility for content and organisation, being co ordinated this time by people in Bristol with help from our friends over in South Wales.

you don’t have to be active in an existing group to attend andthe gathering is open, it is a working meeting rather than a place to
necessarily find out more about the network in general. For this we
suggest contacting a local group see for a list of

Cost will be kept as low as possible (donation of between £10 and £15 tbc to cover venue and vegan food) and free to asylum seekers.

No Borders is a network of groups struggling for the freedom of movement for all and an end to all migration controls. We call for a radical movement against the system of control, dividing us into citizens and citizens. We demand the end of the border regime for everyone, including ourselves, to enable us to live another way, without fear, racism and nationalism.

Brigitte, Barnard and Family Safe

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Story from 2009 for background:

30 People escorted brigitte signing today

As many Refugees do in Bristol, brigitte signed at Trinity Police station with 30 people willing to get in the way of any immigration officers.

People from Bristol refugee rights, The drop-in centre and Bristol No borders insured that Brigitte was not detained at Trinity Rd Police station this morning. However, Brigitte now has to sign there weekly, so anyonme who is free next tuesday at 10.00am, please meet at Trinity rd Police station just before 10.00am. thanks


Brigitte and Bernard are from Cameroon and have been living in Bristol for years, making their asylum claims. In that time they have become part of the Bristol Refugee Rights community and they have a young daughter, Lizzie, who was born in Bristol.
Last year they were snatched and taken to Yarl’s Wood for several weeks, which was traumatic for the family and for everyone around them.

They are threatened with removal on January 8th. Their solicitor has passed the case to a barrister to make grounds for a judicial review, to be loged as soon as possible. Their MP is also actively taking an interest in the case.
Return to Cameroon would be dangerous for them. Hopefully, if they are not snatched in the next few days, they will have time to submit their application for a judicial review, and the danger will be averted.