What do we believe?

People are on the move around the world: moving in response to the poverty, starvation, war and lack of opportunity caused by the onslaught of global capitalism; in response to the adverse affects of climate change

Attempts by states to control the movement of people are a recent phenomena and lead only to criminalisation, apartheid and death. People are divided into those with and without documents, workers are divided into those with and without rights, and countries are divided into a strict hierarchy of wealth. Thousands die as they try to cross borders, as the conditions of detention become intolerable or as the threat of return to unbearable conditions get closer. Selective inclusion and notions of “illegality” are methods to divide and control us all. No One Is Illegal!We support FREEDOM MOVEMENT and the RIGHT TO REMAIN for all.

Borders are rising around all of us and we must resist any politics of division between the settled and the latest migrants. Those without papers are used as the testing ground for i.d. schemes and monitoring systems due to be implemented on those with papers. They are demonised in order to create divisions among us.

Bristol No Borders support all those in struggle against borders; against incarceration, particularly detention centres; against exploitation of workers, particularly “illegal” workers. We challenge the concept of borders and the systems that maintain them. We work to develop spaces of solidarity, resistance and unity.

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