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Bristol Based Mitie Enter Immigration Detention Buisness

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Mitie are a fairly large[3] “outsourcing company”; anything from providing security guards at courts[4] and nuclear weapons labs[5][6] to cleaning the Scottish Parliament[4]. This is the first time they’ve tried managing a detention centre[2]. These companies specialise in taking over a service and then squeezing it for profit; finding more ways to exploit staff or cut corners.

An appropriate example: migrant cleaners are hired because their “illegal” status makes them vulnerable and easy to exploit, then handed over to the authorities when it suits management, eg if they attempt to organise[7]. In one incident, Mitie bosses were seen “laughing their heads off” while distressed migrants were intimidated and insulted by police[8].

Mitie’s CEO was one of 35 who signed a high-profile letter to the Telegraph backing the cuts[9], in the interests of “a healthier and more stable economy”. What they really mean is in the interests of their profits; as Mitie’s annual report says: “The public sector faces … considerable pressure on expenditure … this will create significant opportunities for the outsourcing market”[9].

None of this bodes well for the 200 or so people locked up in Campsfield. Mitie’s bid was selected because they offered the cheapest service[1], and though the details have yet to emerge, it seems likely that it will be the detainees who suffer the results.

There Bristol Office had previously attracted attention due to their abusive behaviour towards migrant workers:













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According to sources close to Paul Dacre, he and his entire editorial team belong to  a covern entirely made up of right- wing reactionary journalists –  as well as dancing naked, taking part in orgies, many combine their religion withanother favourite pass-time: dressing up in Nazi Uniforms and goosestepping around the fire.


Paul Dacre, Editor of Daily Mail



Actually, while plausible, the above paragraph is (would you belive !) totally untrue. But why should that bother us, when the Daily Mail continue to fabricate stories about the Migrants currently living in Calais?

It seem that the Daily Mail’s claim (21st July) that “Migrants in Calais take the British ambush with a knife in a terrifying flight on the highway” has no basis in fact according to the French police, or indeed the French right-wing paper Nord Littoral(  Again, according Le Flic no advice was issued to tourists  “…urging motorists to keep their windows and their doors closed until  they are safe at ferry terminal”.

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