French Authorities Bulldoze Dunkirk Migrant Camp


Wednesday June 17th: These images may look like they are taken in Palestine, but they are in fact from just across the Channel.


(report is google translation)

Wednesday June 17 to 9:00 am, the national police, the PAF, and agents of the autonomous port of Dunkirk have destroyed the refugee camps opposite the ferry terminal in Dunkirk

The camp housed hundreds of migrants.

The migrants “housed” here were mainly new arrivals, mostly teenagers.

The method is well established, and always the same scenario of destruction that runs in a loop at Dunkirk in years.

dunkirk1Nobody had time to salvage anything from the destructive crush gear tents, huts, food, clothing, and above all personal belongings, papers, money, photos of a baby mama …. there is certainly a desire to create a climate of terror and insecurity among refugees.

For years, the State, in Dunkirk, destroyed the camps but does not solve the problem



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  1. […] will have in Calais. Naturally the authorities are being typically bullish and threatening, (and in Dunkirk have taken it one stage further) however local people have been quite split on the whole issue of the migration bottleneck in their […]

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